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    About Sirius Sun

    Who is Sirius Sun?

     Sirius Sun...the Sun behind the sun, the nucleus of a universe manifested... She takes sounds and vibrations absorbed from her world travels and creates melodic crescendos and bravadoes that depict a life in chaos engulfed in a sea of swimming souls that crave nourishment....this is music for the soul. 

    She strives to take you on a journey of self ... awakening obsolete sensations and emerging answers to questions left unanswered and unspoken. Decoding elemental phenomenal through sound and dynamics.

    A Universal Sound Trance-formation ... the sounds of the New World ... 

    A spiritual world filled with Peace, Love Unity and RESPECT!... Taking pride in the self and what is ours - the Universe.... Emanating Light and bringing awareness into dark craters of this planetary united phenomenon .

    She is an artist that works from sound to ink...photography, painting, writing, Film and Music are her loves...she loves them equally and can't imagine a day without  the ability to create something unconventional in one of these mediums. 

    Her music is influenced by bands such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork and some mainstream pop music such as Madonna and Lady GAGA. 

    Sirius Sun is a multi genre artist, delving in sounds from pop, Trip-hop, EDM to alternative, Industrial as well as hip-hop. She has been producing and singing for over a decade. 

    If you are a DJ interested in sampling her Tracks or doing Remixes, please contact a representative and get written permission first. 



    In an industry full of musical acts, Sirius Sun stands out as one of the up and coming artists who doesn't limit herself to one particular genre. She makes Music for the soul, so in her body of work, there is something for everyone from pop, to the leading Electronic music which has now captivated the world. She also has a fresh take on hip-hop...she makes it her own with her strong background in poetry (with internationally published poetry books under her belt) 

    So whether you are in an EDM venue, Trip-hop lounge, Rock concert or pop arena, a track fitting those genres is available from Sirius Sun to appease the audience.


    Songs of the Singer, Sirius Sun are available on Music Sites and music websites such as Itunes, Spotify, Googleplay,Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, KKbox, and all music streaming sites online. Physical CD copies can be found on All Amazon sites.

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