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    Sirius Sun

    Adia De Rothschild was born a child destined for more. Creating since she could process the world around her either in the chorus or on her own, Adia soon began her artistic evolution into Sirius Sun. Inspired by everyone from Nine Inch Nails to Lady Gaga, her sound is a reflection of the records she listens to as well as the world around her. She takes sounds and vibrations absorbed from her travels and creates melodic crescendos and bravadoes that depict a life in chaos engulfed in a sea of swimming souls that crave nourishment.

    Placing her on a shelf, she’d be all over the place as Sirius Sun’s style ranges from pop to EDM to Industrial to hip hop. With a career that has spanned over a decade now, she’s covered all the genre bases and is still set on always experimenting to keep her new music as refreshing as the last. An impressive feat for an artist who has over two dozen records to their name. That includes her last two singles of 2017, “Twisted” and “Leveled Up” as well as her upcoming EP due out in Spring 2018.

    Sirius Sun decided to cap 2017 off with a pair of hip-hop laced tracks. “Twisted” and “Leveled Up” represent her varied writing styles. The first being the imperfect love story where the man is emotionally vacant and the woman realizing that she can move on, while the other is a feel-good party song that is all about being your best self.

    Love and striving to be one’s best self-are just two of the elements commonly found sewn into Sirius Sun’s music. She also writes heavily about loss, betrayal, renewal, and revival. In a world where people are yearning to connect, Sirius Sun makes sure she constructs music that is as universal as the sun that manages to shine down around the world on a daily basis.

    Come the new year Sirius Sun will be releasing her new EP in the Spring. Soon after she’ll pack her bags for a European tour. As someone who loves to create any and everything, not just music - she also has plans for a clothing line, an online TV station, a new book, a Manhattan art show and other works to be announced in the coming months.

    What's to come

    Sirius Sun is planning a European tour, a Clothing line Launch, an internet TV station launch and many more. stay tuned!